Tregony St James (Parish)


Ecclesiastical parish. Hundred of Powder.

Grid reference: SW 92 44

Chronological Sequence

Tregony, 1291; Tregony St James, 1884; Tregony, 1899; Tregoney St James, 1968

Forms by Earliest Occurrence

Tregony : 1291, 1899
Tregony St James : 1884
Tregoney St James : 1968


Ecclesia de Tregony

In the Decanatus de Poudreshire.
Hingeston-Randolph, 1889, p468, citing from 1291

Tregony St James

Symons, 1884


Hingeston-Randolph, 1899, p1627

Tregoney St James

CA 7, 1968, p97

Place Names in the Parish of Tregony St James

Manors in the Parish of Tregony St James

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