Sticken Bridge (Mylor, Perranarworthal and St Gluvias)


Grid reference: SW 771 380

Ecclesiastical parishes: Mylor, Perranarworthal and St Gluvias. Civil parishes: Mylor, Perranarworthal and St Gluvias.

Bridge and tenements.

Chronological Sequence

Sticking Bridge, c.1710s, Sticken Bridge, 1748; Sticking Bridge, 1829; Sticken Bridge, 1845, 1884

Forms by Earliest Occurrence

Sticking Bridge : c.1710s, 1829
Sticken Bridge : 1748, 1845, 1884


Sticking Bridge

Tenement held by John Pearce. Parcel of the Mannor of Perran Arwothall.
RIC, HH/12/2, c.1710s (*)

Sticken Bridge

Martyn, 1748, map

sticking bridge

In Perranarworthal.
CRO, P182/1/4, 1829 (*)

Sticken Bridge

Tenement in St Gluvias.
CRO, TA/72, 1845

County bridge, and cottage in Mylor.
Symons, 1884

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