St John (Parish)


Ecclesiastical parish. Hundred of East.

Grid reference: SX 40 53

Chronological Sequence

Sancti Johannes, 1291; St John, 1838, 1843; St John in Cornwall, 1899

Forms by Earliest Occurrence

Sancti Johannes : 1291
St John: 1838, 1843
St John in Cornwall : 1899


Ecclesia Sancti Johannes

In the Decanatus de Estwyvelschyre.
Hingeston-Randolph, 1889, p467, citing from 1291

St John

Rectory, in the patronage of the crown, 34 houses and 178 inhabitants.
Moule, 1838, p285

Saint John

CRO, TA/93, 1843

St John-in-Cornwall

Hingeston-Randolph, 1899, p1626

Place Names in the Parish of St John

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