St Buryan (Deanery)


A Royal Peculiar by virtue of the endowment of the church of St Buryan by King Athelstan in 930. His charter created a Collegiate Church, with the daughter chapels of St Levan and Sennen falling directly under the jurisdiction and control of the monarch, who had the right of presentation to the Deanery. The Deanery did not fall under the governance of the Bishopric of Exeter, or the Archbishopric of Canterbury. In 1864 the Deanery was abolished.

Chronological Sequence

Berian, 1717; St Berian, St Burian, 1747; Buryan, 1767

Forms by Earliest Occurrence

Berian : 1717
St Berian : 1747
St Burian : 1747
Buryan : 1767



Given on the silver seal of the Deanery.
CRO, DSB/C/197, 1717 (*)

St Berian

CRO, DSB/447/1, 1747 (*)

St Burian

CRO, DSB/447/1, 1747 (*)


CRO, DSB/447/1, 1767 (*)

Parishes in the Deanery of St Buryan