Port Gaverne (Endellion)


Port and village in the parish of Endellion.

Grid reference: SX 002 808

Chronological Sequence

Port Gavorne, 1839, 1884; Port Gaverne, 2003, 2011

Forms by Earliest Occurrence

Port Gavorne : 1839, 1884
Port Gaverne : 2003, 2011


Port Gavorne

CRO, TM/55, 1839

To the east of and nearly contiguous to Port Isaac, is a small inlet and village, where roofing slate is shipped. Coal and grain are also imported and warehoused here.
Symons, 1884

Port Gaverne

Cove and village.
OS, 1:25000, 2003

In St Endellion civil parish.
OS, 1:25000, 2011

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