Pencalenick (St Clement)


Grid reference: SW 857 453

Ecclesiastical parish: St Clement. Civil parish: St Clement.

Large residence, now a school.

Chronological Sequence

Penkelinnec, c.1280; Pednakalinek, 1765; Pencalenick, 1884, 1977, 2003, 2011

Forms by Earliest Occurrence

Penkelinnec : c.1280
Pednakalinek : 1765
Pencalenick : 1884, 1977, 2003, 2011



Given in the personal name Olivero de Penkelinnec.
CRO, BTRU/20, c.1280 (*)

Henderson, 1929, p127, citing from CRO, BTRU/20, c.1280


RIC, HP/4/24, 1765 (*)


The seat of Michael H Williams, Esq, JP. A large mansion has lately been erected here commanding a beautiful view of Tresillian creek and the adjacent lands. The old mansion, in which the late Mr John Vivian lived, is demolished and the grounds are much improved.
Symons, 1884

OS, 1:25000, 1977

OS, 1:25000, 2003

OS, 1:25000, 2011

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