No Man's Land (Gwinear, Phillack and St Erth)


Small tenement at the meeting place of the parishes of Gwinear, Phillack and St Erth.

Grid reference: SW 584 349

Chronological Sequence

Nomans Land, 1842; No Man’s Land, 1884, 1908, 2005

Forms by Earliest Occurrence

Nomans Land : 1842
No Man’s Land : 1884, 1908, 2005


Nomans Land

Tenement in the parish of Gwinear.
CRO, TA/80, 1842


In Gwinear.
Symons, 1884

No Man’s Land

Shown in the parish of Phillack.
OS, 6”, LXIX NW, 1908

Shown in the parish of Gwinear.
OS, 1:25000, 2005

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