Gwithian Bridge (Gwithian and Camborne)


Grid reference: SW 587 420

Ecclesiastical parishes: Gwithian and Camborne to 1846; Penponds, 1846-present. Civil parishes: Gwinear-Gwithian and Camborne.

Bridge which crosses the Red River just north of Gwithian Churchtown. The name of the bridge was also used for a small tenement in the Manor of Connerton and this suggests that the tenement was itself on the Gwithian side of the river.

Chronological Sequence

Ponsreles, 1463; Ponfreles, 1480; Ponsreles, 1499; Ponsrelis, c.1590s; Ponsfrelis, 1604; Gwithyan Bridge, c.1600s; Gwythian Bridge, c.1630; Ponsfrelles, Ponsvorhelles, 1659; Gwithian Bridge, 1761, 2005

Forms by Earliest Occurrence

Ponsreles : 1463, 1499
Ponfreles : 1480
Ponsrelis : c.1590s
Ponsfrelis : 1604
Gwithyan Bridge : c.1600s
Gwythian Bridge : c.1630
Ponsfrelles : 1659
Ponsvorhelles : 1659
Gwithian Bridge : 1761, 2005



Parcel of the Manor of Conartoun, ½ acre Cornish held by Odo Resgerens.
CRO, AR/2/1337, 1463 (*)

Fox and Padel, 2000, p41, citing from CRO, AR/2/1337, 1463


½ acre Cornish held in socage by the heir of Laurence Sheryston.
Fox and Padel, 2000, p86, citing from CRO, AR/2/1339, 1480


½ acre Cornish held in socage by John Arundell Talvern.
CRO, AR/2/1340, 1499 (*)

Fox and Padel, 2000, p131, citing from CRO, AR/2/1340, 1499

Ponsrelis et Grafton

CRO, AR/2/1344, c.1590s (*)

Con(er)wartha and Ponsfrelis

Parcel of the Manor of Conerton.
CRO, AR/2/1345, 1604 (*)

Gwithyan bridge

On the bounds of the parishes.
CRO, ARD/TER/15, c.1600s

Gwythian Bridge

CRO, ARD/TER/230, c.1630

Ponsfrelles or Ponsvorhelles

Thomas, 1964, p5, citing from 1659

Gwithian Bridge

CRO, AR/15/152-153, 1761 (*)

OS, 1:25000, 2005

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