Grafton (Gwithian)


Ecclesiastical parish: Gwithian. Civil parish: Gwinear-Gwithian.

Tenement, now lost. The tenement was held with Ponsrelis in the late 16th century and this possibly suggests a location just north of the Churchtown of Gwithian.

Chronological Sequence

Graften, 1463, 1480, 1499, 1571, c.1586; Graften, Grafton, c.1590s; Grafton, 1604

Forms by Earliest Occurrence

Graften : 1463, 1480, 1499, 1571, c.1586, c.1590s
Grafton : c.1590s, 1604



Parcel of the Manor of Conartoun, 1 ferling held by Odo Resgerens.
CRO, AR/2/1337, 1463 (*)

Fox and Padel, 2000, p41, citing from CRO, AR/2/1337, 1463

1 ferling held by knight’s service by the heir of Laurence Sheryston.
Fox and Padel, 2000, p86, citing from CRO, AR/2/1339, 1480

1 ferling held in socage by John Arundell Talvern.
CRO, AR/2/1340, 1499 (*)

Fox and Padel, 2000, p131, citing from CRO, AR/2/1340, 1499

CRO, AR/2/1341, 1571 (*)

CRO, AR/2/1343, c.1586 (*)

Ponsrelis et Grafton

CRO, AR/2/1344, c.1590s (*)


Parcel of the Manor of Conerton.
CRO, AR/2/1345, 1604 (*)