Flushing (Parish)


Grid Reference: SW 80 33

Ecclesiastical parish, created in 1844 from part of the parish of Mylor. Archdeaconry of Cornwall. Deanery of Kerrier, 1844-1875; Deanery of Carnmarth, 1875-1915; Deanery of Carnmarth South, 1915-present. The parish is a United Benefice with Mylor.

Hundred of Kerrier. Mylor civil parish.

Chronological Sequence

Flushing, 1884, 1980, 2009

Forms by Earliest Occurrence

Flushing : 1884, 1980, 2009



Formed in 1844 from part of Mylor.
Symons, 1884

Youngs, 1980, p61

Population 455. 500 acres. A United Benefice with Mylor.
TDD, 2009, pp72-3

Place Names in the Parish of Flushing

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