Cornwall (Archdeaconry)


Archdeaconry, formed c.1090. Previously within the Bishopric of Exeter and since 1876 within the Diocese or Bishopric of Truro, since when it has sometimes been known as the Archdeaconry of Truro. In 1878 the Archdeaconry was split into two parts, the eastern part becoming the modern Archdeaconry of Bodmin.

The ancient Peculiar Deaneries of St Germans, Pawton and Penryn were not considered part of the ancient Archdeaconry of Cornwall being, as they were, peculiars of the Bishops of Exeter. Likewise, the Royal Peculiar Deanery of St Buryan was not considered part of the ancient Archdeaconry of Cornwall and did not fall under the governance of the Bishopric of Exeter, although the parish of St Buryan is listed under the Deanery of Penwith in the Taxation of Pope Nicholas IV in 1291.1

Chronological Sequence

Cornubie, 1291; Cornubiensis, Cornubiensi, 1327-8; Cornubie, 1346, 1357; Cornubiensis, 1361; Cornubie, 1366-7; Cornwall, 1847, 2009

Forms by Earliest Occurrence

Cornubie : 1291; 1346, 1357, 1366-7
Cornubiensis : 1327-8, 1361
Cornubiensi : 1327-8
Cornwall : 1847, 2009


Archidiaconatus Cornubie

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Archidiaconatus Cornubiensis
Archidiaconatu Cornubiensi

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Archidiaconus Cornubie

Hingeston-Randolph, 1899, p1353, citing from 1346

Archidiaconi Cornubie

Hingeston-Randolph, 1899, p1447, citing from 1357

Archidiaconatu Cornubiensis

Hingeston-Randolph, 1899, p1232, citing from 1361

Archidiaconus Cornubie

Hingeston-Randolph, 1899, p1501, citing from 1366-7

Archdeaconry of Cornwall

Wallis, 1847, p21

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Deaneries in the Ancient Archdeaconry of Cornwall

Deaneries in the Archdeaconry of Cornwall from 1875 to 1878

Deaneries Currently in the Archdeaconry of Cornwall

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