Chacewater (Parish)


Grid Reference: SW 75 44

Ecclesiastical parish, created in 1829 from part of the parish of Kenwyn. Archdeaconry of Cornwall. Deanery of Powder to 1915; Deanery of Carnmarth North, 1915 to present. Parts of the parish were taken in 1846 to create part of the parish of Mithian and in 1847 to create part of the parish of Baldhu.

Hundred of Powder. Chacewater civil parish.

Chronological Sequence

Chacewater, 1884, 1980

Forms by Earliest Occurrence

Chacewater : 1884, 1980


Formed in 1837 from parts of the parishes of Kea and Kenwyn.
Symons, 1884

Place Names in the Parish of Chacewater

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