Carnmenellis (Parish)


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Ecclesiastical parish, created in 1846 from part of the parish of Wendron. Archdeaconry of Cornwall. Deanery of Kerrier, 1846-1924; Deanery of Carnmarth North, 1924-1969. Part of the parish was taken in 1881 to create part of the parish of Pencoys. The boundary between the parishes of Carnmenellis and Wendron were altered in 1964. The parish was abolished in 1969 to create part of the parish of Pencoys with Carnmenellis.

Hundred of Kerrier. Wendron civil parish.

Chronological Sequence

Carnmenellis, 1884, c.1923, 1924, 1968

Forms by Earliest Occurrence

Carnmenellis : 1884, c.1923, 1924, 1968



Formed in 1846 from part of Wendron.
Symons, 1884

Order in Council obtained in January 1846 and the church being built in 1850; part of Wendron assigned to it was that part lying north of the Penryn road, speaking roughly, from Releath through Porkellis as far as Halwyn, the boundary thence being the lane on the right, probably an old pack horse track, south east to Polangrain; Mr Bull was the first incumbent, and Mr Broadley when the church was built; the parish of Pencoys was taken out of Carnmenellis in 1881, and in 1919 a Committee appointed by the Bishop of Truro recommended that Pencoys and Carnmenellis be held in plurality by the then Vicar of Pencoys, the Reverend W R Ladd Canney; there is an ancient cross in the Churchyard.
CRO, P174/8/1, c.1923 (*)

Transferred from the Rural Deanery of Kerrier to the Rural Deanery of North Carnmarth.
CRO, P174/8/1, 1924 (*)

The benefices of Pencoys St Andrew and Carnmenellis to be united and to be called "The United Parish of Saint Andrew, Four Lanes", and the church of Holy Trinity, Carnmenellis to be taken down.
CRO, P174/2/14/2, 1968 (*)

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