Carbence (St Levan)


Ecclesiastical parish: St Levan. Civil parish: St Levan.

Tenement, now lost. The tenement is not listed by Pool in The Place-Names of West Penwith, though he does mention Carbence's Tenement in the neighbouring parish of St Buryan, and states that it was named after the occupier in 1693, so there is a possibility that both refer to the same tenement and that its location straddled the border between the two parishes. In The Field-Names of West Penwith Pool also lists a Park Carbis, with alternate forms, in St Buryan, but gives the tenement as Tregurnow in that parish, and gives a derivation from carbons, meaning cart-bridge, a name fairly common in west Cornwall. As Tregurnow lies at the opposite end of St Buryan it is unlikely that there is any connection between the field names and Carbence in St Levan. The Tithe Apportionment for St Levan contains no field names relating to Carbence.

Chronological Sequence

Carbence Tenement, 1731, 1740

Forms by Earliest Occurrence

Carbence Tenement : 1731, 1740


Carbence Tenement

CRO, P122/12/1, 1731 and 1740 (*)

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