Budock Rural (Civil Parish)


Civil parish. Created in 1894 from the part of Budock civil parish not within Falmouth Municipal Borough. Falmouth Poor Law Union, 1894-1930. East Kerrier Rural District, 1894-1934. The parish was abolished in 1934, with 1,088 acres transferred to the parish of Falmouth, 113 acres transferred to the parish of Penryn and 2388 acres transferred to the recreated parish of Budock.

Truro Parliamentary Division, 1894-1918. Penryn and Falmouth Parliamentary Division, 1918-1934.


Grid Reference: SW 78 32
Year 1801 1851 1901 1951 2001
Acres n/a n/a 3,587 n/a n/a
Population n/a n/a 1,288 n/a n/a

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