Bridgerule (Civil Parish)


Civil parish in Devon, but half of which lies west of the River Tamar. Created in 1950 from the amalgamation of the parishes of Bridgerule West, 1,016 acres, and Bridgerule East, 1,618 acres. Holsworthy Rural District, 1950-1974. Torridge District, 1974-present. In 1966, the parish was enlarged by 1 acre from the parish of Whitstone and reduced by 1 acre transferred to the parish of Launcells.

West Devon County Constituency, 1970-1983. Torridge and West Devon County Constituency, 1983-present.


Grid Reference: SS 28 03
Year 1801 1851 1901 1951 2001
Acres n/a n/a n/a 2,634
Population n/a n/a n/a 423 570

Chronological Sequence

Bridgerule, 1980, 2011

Forms by Earliest Occurrence

Bridgerule : 1980, 2011



Youngs, 1980, p79

OS, 1:25000, 2011

Place Names in the Civil Parish of Bridgerule

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