The Bounds of the Parish of Warleggan, 1613


Warleggan }

A note of the bounds and limitts of the parish of Warlegan

Its bounded on the north syde wth a Rocke commonly called the foote stone from thence its bounded from St Neot on the east syde by a lake rysinge neere the stone called denhaye moore water by the same water its bounded unto Pontowise bridge on the south syde where it falls into Bydalder river from Pontowise bridge by Bidadder water south till it fall into foy water by foy water unto the foote of Tremeere lake from thence on the west bounded from Cardenham by the wood called reddryse from redryse to the Corner of the hedge of Synie from thence by loowe lane unto Bodmyn way from St Neot from thence unto Bodmyn way from Warlegan church neere the great borrowe from thence downe by the high way to prieste forde bridge from that Bridge north by Bidalder water upwarde unto Carfoldemore bridge and from that bridge on the north to the footstone by the river;

A note of the gleebe lande

Ther belongeth to the parsonage of Warlegan about the valewe of twenty Acres of land. A parlour & chamber over; a hall; a chitchyn and chamber over it, a barne and stable. Implements ther belonge none to the house the glebe is bounded from the church stile by a lane on ye east syde by carweene downe on the north on the west & south by a lane back to the church stile.


Samuell Fiel Rect: ib~m

Roger Jeffery


Cornwall Record Office, ARD/TER/432, 1613

Transcribed by Chris Bond, 2007