The Bounds of the Parish of St Clement, 1613

The boundes of the parishe of St. Clemens in Cornewaile &c:

from St. Clemens Churche standinge neere unto a creeke of the sea, called Moreske creeke, unto Malpasse ys bounded wth ye sea, & from Malpasse unto Clemens bridge north west, ys likewyse boundes wt a salt ryver of the sea, & fro~ yt bridge the parishe ys bounded, wt a Mill leate, & fresh river unto a blowinge howse neere idlesse. & fro~ yt, unto the head of the same ryver in ye Duke Wood, and fro~ yt head springe the parishe is bounded wt a hedge of parratte & pearses unto the heigh Way betwene Michell & Truro., And from yt heigh way wth an other hedge of pearses unto an other spring rysinge in parte of Treworga Vian, & pears his lands; and fro~ thence the sayd spring bondes the parish unto biggan bridge & from byggan bridg, the salt river ebs & flowes & yt River Runes unto Moreske creeke afforesayd neere unto the church of St. Clemens wch view was taken in Rogatio~ weeke last past Anno dmii 1613.

Teste Gul~: Gatliffe vicario Richard Lannce
Phillip harris

Cornwall Record Office, ARD/TER/17, 1613

Transcribed by Chris Bond, 2005.