The Bounds of the Parish of Camborne, c.1600s


We have perambulated the bounds & limits of our parishe afforesayd accordinge to the Canon & wee fynde them to be bounded wth the parishe of Crowen on the East syde from the Forrest Gate wth the highe way to Corvolthe And from thence wth the Water or river to bearepper bridge & fro~ Bearipper bridge wth the river Eneeis Cusve unto an old Tynne Worcke called Polmidoe And from Polmidoe wth the parishe of Gwythian wth the river & neere the river unto Gwythian bridge And fro~ Gwythian bridge by a pathe & a bancke unto the northe sea cliffe & by the sayd cliffe unto a hedge called kea Resevres. And fro~ kea Resvres unto the river under Tresothan Mill & by & neere the sayd river wth the parishe of Illuggan unto the fore said Forrest Gate.


Robert Tonkin

the X signe of Willia~ Brea

Syde men

Walter Rosewarne

Humphrye Treskulard /

Cornwall Record Office, ARD/TER/15, c.1600s

Transcribed by David H Thomas, 2005