Amylle an Trylle (Manor) (Towednack)


Small manor, seated in the parish of Towednack and with parts in the parishes of Zennor, Ludgvan, Lelant, Sennen and St Erth.

Chronological Sequence

Amell and Trilly, 1679; Amylle an Trylle, 1846, 1863

Forms by Earliest Occurrence

Amell and Trilly : 1679
Amylle an Trylle : 1846, 1863


Amell and Trilly

CRO, GB/15/2-3, 1679


Mortgaged by John Davies Gilbert of Tredrea and Eastbourne to secure £9210.
CRO, DG/199, 1846 (*)

Mortgage transferred to Anne Dorothea Gilbert, with power of sale.
CRO, DG/203, 1863 (*)

Parcels of the Manor of Amylle an Trylle